About Us

StudioGreen is a consultancy service and education advisory platform project. It exists to help turn traditional art & craft, photography & film studio premises away from the use of toxic materials & chemicals and wasteful practices of set breakdown destruction and non-reuse of materials.

We hope to educate and show how arts & crafts can be created now much as in pre-petrochemical times and to share skills on reuse of materials in multiple ways.

The project in Park Mews, South London, was to completely eradicate all toxic products to be used and replace them with natural and safe alternatives. This ethos would run into a gallery set up, still partly in refurbishment, where all work eventually shown will be made with recycled or found objects and use only natural environmentally safe products or made using up old paints and left over art materials from previous practices.   

The whole of Park Mews, it’s Studio Spaces, Gallery, Kitchen and pretty much everything has been built and refurbished with 99% reclaimed materials. Much of it being from the strike of sets and waste products of gallery wall removal.

Part of the project is to have working spaces for a small group of arts practitioners. This is its own entity and runs as :             New Website coming

The gallery and exhibition / event space is : ‘TheLondonMine’.         www.TheLondonMine.com

Each part of the project has its own set up and website yet they are all inextricably linked in Design, Ethos and Curation. Originally the premises worked as one but with the changes and demands of the creative community and the pressures put on the sector by the global pandemic, new business ventures have evolved and have had to be formed. If not the whole of the Park Mews site could have been lost.

Equality is paramount to our existence, where peoples of all ages, ethnic groups, cultures, backgrounds, sexual orientations and abilities can work and exist together. 

A profound green ethos, maximum recycling, creating your own energy and a lifestyle associated environment should give you some idea of the feel of our projects.

Curator : Adam David Ge-Saelis.