StudioGreen is a concept studio and an idea of how to run a Multi-Facility Creative building as both Carbon Negative and Non-Toxic.

The Studio Ethos, Protocols and Rules govern not only the health and safety, security, waste and green aspects of the building but also ask all to follow a personal code of conduct.

This hopefully creates a group consciousness of equality that all can have within the Studio but also that equality can be taken away, spread and shared.

Sexism, racism aggression and intolerant attitudes to others lives and life styles are not permitted within the boundary of the premises.

The Studio also exists as ‘Conflict Free Zone”. This means that conflict issues wether personal or political must be left at the gate. If you wish to exercise a conflict issue it must be done outside the perimeter of the premises. There is enough conflict in this world with constant wars and political turmoil. It is difficult to stop all the worlds troubles but here we can exist for a while without being constantly reminded.

This may be the first “Conflict Free Zone’ in the world and we hope that by setting this example others will follow.

Our studio members hand book is available for new applicants and is available on request after an initial viewing.

We have had many past members. Those that have found their stay an enjoyable one and are still in touch are welcome to stay involved in studio activities, host events or exhibit and sell their work in conjunction with StudioGreen's event programme.

StudioGreen is a long running project and it's nearly at completion stage. Once the building requires minimal management and maintenance we hope to eventually provide an educational facility for the local authority so that it's legacy can run for many years.

StudioGreen initially started as the owners private studio and for a few years was run as a sole trader business. It has been hit hard by Covid19 and has split into small individual businesses. Where possible profits from all the years have been ploughed back into the fabric of the building and into it's management, essentially running as a not for profit Studio. Full accounts are available.