FriendsWorkshops is a new individual business that runs within the StudioGreen concept.

Here specialist workshop space is provided for the ever changing demands of the creative community.
Music rooms are acoustically treated so they can be used by engineers, producers, DJ’s, soloists and for practise and rehearsal.
Fine Art and maker spaces have been built and specialised for the various practises and media for people from these fields.
Graphic Design, writing rooms, tech spaces are also partly up and running and more in development.

All these rooms and studios can be viewed via their own website                                          THIS WEBSITE IS CURRENTLY DOWN FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS.

It has been called FriendsWorkshops because some of the past members stayed with us during the recent pandemic. We now feel that these are ‘friends’ and we wish to support them in return by creating an entity that hopefully will survive through the coming years.

FriendsWorkshops will run fully not for profit and is being registered as a CIC.