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Also joining the studio this Winter are musical writer and performance duo: Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow, known as  Marlow & Moss.  They currently have two musicals running in London's West End,  'SIX'  which is about Henry VIII wives and also 'THE HOT GAY TIME MACHINE'

Yarden Gur (new member) is a - Designer and writer.  Yarden is a user experience designer and a writer. She splits her time at the studio between designing websites & apps for her clients and writing poetry.

Demolition / Thread Softly - Private View

A collaborative show with students from UAL / UOL and the Curator of StudioGreen. Installation, projections, sculpture and painting. An expression of our times. A depiction of cost and existence. A discussion of life.

All exhibits have been constructed with at least 95% reclaimed or found materials and those not mounted or labelled with them.

Open Studio Days -  StudioGreen opens its doors for the public to view and buy artists and creatives work directly from studio members. Fine Art Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Glass Chandeliers, Urban Cabins and other works will be available to view or buy. Grab a 'Hot Cocktail' or a snack from TheGlobalWarmingKitchen , if open and wander the Mews.  **BY APPOINTMENT ONLY** Call 020 8671 0011 to arrange a show round.

We ask all children to be kept under strict supervision. Dogs must be kept on a lead and not brought past a tether point for them. Bicycles can be chained to railings so please bring locks. Most art rooms are on the ground floor and some have large enough doors for wheel chairs so inclusive access is possible but our enabled toilets are still in construction.

Katharine Dowson studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art and has exhibited in London, USA, Brazil, Europe and Asia.   Collections include The Wellcome Trust, The Arts Council Collection, Microsoft Seattle, Cultura Englesa Brazil, The Ulster Museum, Aberdeen Art Gallery, The institute of Neuroscience Newcastle University and Private Collections.   She was bought by Charles Saatchi and is included in 'Shark Infested Waters, Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90's'.

We are pleased to announce that her current work is showing at the:

SPELLBOUND: Magic, Ritual & Witchcraft  Exhibition

Katharine will be showing her installation CONCEALED SHIELD

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford  - 31 August - 6 January 2019

Katharine has long been fascinated with what goes on inside our bodies and with the symbolic objects that are linked to healing body and mind.

In this installation, concealed Shield takes place inside a symbolic chimney, and possibly inside the heads of viewers wanting to protect their homes.   The sounds in the dark room suggest the presence of unseen creatures, imagined to be concealed in the fabric of the walls.   On entering the dark space, the viewer may experience the feeling of being surrounded by mysterious forces and by scurrying beast-like demons. The red shadows on the wall point to the piercing of the witch's heart.
Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 192306png

Susan Stockwell has joined us, she is a sculptor who makes subtly political work about materials and their inherent content and histories, with injustice and inequality as overarching themes. Her work addresses political, social, ecological and feminist issues, using her trademark motifs and metaphors of maps, stacks, dresses, money, recycled computer components, paper, rubber and other everyday materials and products. These materials are manipulated and transformed into works of art that are extraordinary. Susan's work takes many forms from small studies to large scale sculptural installations, drawings and collage. It is concerned primarily with transformation and with issues of geo-politics, mapping, trade, ecology and history.

Photo's and words copyright of Susan Stockwell

Eight Students from Camberwell and Goldsmiths  will be showing at a collaborative exhibition featuring their final degree piece 'Thread Softly' which is based around ' community '  at our October launch.

" Demolition "   An installation from StudioGreen's curator.  Like many buildings in London the studio goes through changes and refits and the removal of one small sound proofed room created an extraordinary amount of site waste. This waste will be turned into a sculptural  ' City Scape ' piece highlighting what would normally be dumped, challenging our perception of waste and opening our eyes to possibilities. This piece will then again be re-imagined and re-purposed into small garden cabins showing how materials can essentially become raw even after multiple uses and processes.

" Zero Waste" With plans to host a team building workshop for Future Build. This is the doorway to a Waste Consultation and Sustainability service developed by Adam Ge-Saelis, curator of StudioGreen which will be implemented at Ecobuild 2019 following OngĂ©an's long standing ethos.

StudioGreen Launch + Open Days will start in October. Here Art, Design and Food will provide a backdrop and an invitation to visit the building. Paintings and craft items will be on sale , plus installations, exhibitions and open studio days with an outdoor art market where anyone can hang a painting from a pound. The cavernous Urban Waste Mine will show a unique and eclectic array of objects to buy or to peruse and you may sit in it and eat or book an event or dinner.